Expand your business with ease, get loans instantly via your POS terminal

Quick business loans for existing merchants. Simply log in to the Mswipe Merchant App, apply with minimal documentation and payback from your POS transactions in installments.

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Why POS Loans?

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    Post disbursal assistance

    Our customer care team is dedicated to resolve any query within 72 hours. For queries, reach us on WhatsApp: 9326232706 or mail us: POSLoansupport@mswipe.com .

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    Low interest rates

    POS loans are available at competitive interest rates.

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    Simple documentation and disbursal

    Existing Mswipe merchants get quick approval and loan disbursals typically within 72 hours with minimal simple documentation.

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    Loan repayment through your MPOS machines

    Regular deductions and flexibility in change of percentage through MPOS machines. No PDC’s or ECS required.