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Mswipe Retail Merchant Loans

Mswipe offers POS loans for startups, and medium and large-sized companies to power their business ideas while keeping it financially convenient. Mswipe POS loan gives you access to collateral-free retailer loans and much more. Let's focus on them individually.

Low-Interest Rate

We offer MSME loans for new businesses at competitive prices with low-interest rates to ensure nothing comes in between your business idea and its smooth implementation.


24/7 Customer Care Support

Mswipe merchants can access seamless post-disbursal customer support. We ensure quick response and resolution to queries.


Quick Approval

Mswipe merchants get quick retailer loan approval with minimal documentation.


Seamless Repayment Options

We enable our customers to relish their business development phase by offering them easy repayment options through MPOS machines.

Dynamic Features Designed to Cater to Your Business Growth

Whether you are starting a new business from scratch or looking to expand an established enterprise, our MSME loans for new and old businesses will seamlessly cover all your financial worries ensuring your business growth and dynamic development within no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get an MSME loan for a new business, please click here to apply.
You need minimal documents to avail retailer loan from Mcapital. The documents required in order to get MSME loans for new businesses are Personal KYC, Business Proof, and Bank details.
Yes, we do offer flexible repayment options. You can choose to repay daily via POS/ QR transactions or monthly via NACH.
Yes. Mcapital offers collateral-free MSME loans for small and medium businesses. Please click here to apply.
You are eligible to take a business loan if-
1. Your business accepts payment using our POS/ QR code. The more payments you accept, the higher your chances to avail a large amount of loan.
2. You are between 25-60 years of age.
We have flexible options to repay the loan considering individual loan requirements, however, the maximum period to repay the loan is 24 months.
Collateral can be anything including a paper of land, a fixed deposit, or an amount in your bank account that one has to submit with the loan-bearing party as a deposit until he clears the loan.
However, to take an MSME loan for small businesses you don't need to declare any collateral. This may vary from person to person depending on their credit score.
MSME loans for new businesses are particularly popular for their flexibility and availability for any kind of business. Any entrepreneur aiming to apply for a business loan should be of Indian nationality and have a good Bureau score. One can seamlessly avail of the retailer loan or wholesale loan with Mcapital.
MSME loans for small businesses are just a way to help entrepreneurs and newly established businesses flourish in a competitive market without struggling financially. Your purpose can be to expand your business, meet capital requirements or renovate your existing business.
MSME loans for small businesses ensure entrepreneurs get financial help without any hassles.
MSME loans for new businesses are a suitable solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Enjoy zero collateral loans with Mcapital.