Accept all digital and contactless payments

POS solutions for all types of payment acceptance - cards, wallets, mobile payment apps and bank apps, contactless and QR payments.

Our Timeline


When it all began


Mswipe first POS solution launched in India


Wisepad – Classic mPOS terminal was launched


Our proprietary transaction processing gateway went live


POS loans was launched


Wisepad G2 - The second-generation mPOS was launched


Wisepos - India’s first smart POS terminal was launched


In-house Switch was launched


Launched several value-added platforms - emi Mcards, Brand portal and the Money Store.

Our Team

Mswipe | team manish-patel

Manish Patel

Role CEO & Founder

"Why do I have to do
just one thing"

Mswipe | team srinivas-rao

Srinivas Rao

Role CCO

"NFC payments will revolutionise the way we pay for goods and services."

Mswipe | team sameer-hoda

Sameer Hoda

Role President - Strategy & Operations

"Payments will undergo a sea of change every 18 months and we are driving the revolution."

Mswipe | team sachin-shettingar

Sachin Shettigar

Role Executive Vice President - Merchant Onboarding, Risk & Settlement

"The day we see everybody using digital payments as the only means of doing any type of transaction that will be the day when this country will see a new dawn in real sense"

Mswipe | team smitha-gaur

Smita Gaur

Role VP - Human Resources

"With every entry in the market, we create hundreds of jobs adding value to our Merchants as well as our Employees"

Mswipe | team yogesh-mistry

Yogesh Mistry

Role VP - Technology

"Technology is the
heart of a business"

Mswipe | team ravi-sing

Ravi Singh

Role VP - Software Architect

"Software, Security, and Service: must-haves for a Fintech"

Mswipe | team amit-gala

Amit Gala

Role CFO

"Banks have the brand whereas FinTech’s have the technology and agility. They will go forward with - collaboration."

Mswipe | team ankit-bhatnagar

Ankit Bhatnagar

Role VP - Products

"Fintechs have provided much necessitated approach to Product Innovation helping traditional banking serve customer centric solutions across retail and enterprise."

Mswipe | team amit-mande

Amit Mande

Role SVP - Merchant Lending

"Digitization and Alternate Data - Simplifying Credit and fueling growth in the MSME sector"

Mswipe | team mandar-arvind

Mandar Arvind

Role VP - Customer Relations & Channel Sales

"Winning customers for life"