How to simplify payments in your shop with Mswipe Boombox?

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How to Simplify Payments in Your Shop with Mswipe Boombox?

A while ago, digital payments were a new concept in the world of cash payments. Most shop owners tackled problems like cash crunch, open change, customer fraud, and slow processes during the peak hours of shopping the traditional way. However, with the hit of the pandemic, India accepted digital payments in their entirety.

Today, shop owners can easily accept online payments; it’s definitely a quicker process as compared to the traditional way of making payments. UPI payments, wallet payments, etc have made the lives of a customer and shop owners much simpler.

Now with India moving ahead in the competition of digital payments, Mswipe has come up with a Payment Soundbox called Boombox. Payment Soundbox or Boombox is a payment notification system that gives notifications on QR transactions via sound and display. Shop owners have gained immense benefits from Mswipe’s UPI payment soundbox as it ensures that shop owners are saved from customer fraud during peak rush hours.

The Key Features of Mswipe’s UPI Payment Soundbox

* Multi-Lingual

Doesn’t matter if you speak Hindi or English, Mswipe Payment Soundbox supports both languages to make your work easier.

* Instant Audio Notification

As soon as someone performs a QR transaction on Boombox, it gives an instant alert on payment received via sound & display. This can ideally save time between rush hours.

* Multi-UPI Connectivity

Connect the Payment Soundbox with multiple UPI IDs to ensure you get payment notifications.

* 4G or 2G Connection

Mswipe's Payment soundbox works on 4G and 2G connectivity both.

* Seamless Installation

It is very simple to install and activate Boombox. UPI Payment Soundbox. It just takes a few.

How Does Mswipe’s Payment Soundbox Make Accepting Payments Simpler for Shop Owners?

Digital payment tools are much more convenient to use than any other traditional payment option. Shop owners find it hard to manage or keep a track of digital payments made by their customers. Besides, customer fraud is at its peak for most shop owners. Fake payment messages, old payment notifications, etc can leave shop owners clueless with no solution that having a person to track and monitor the payments. This is where Mswipe’s UPI Payment Soundbox comes to your rescue!

1. No Customer Fraud

With the payment soundbox, you get an audio payment notification once the payment is done on the Boombox device. The audio payment notification saves you, as a shop owner, from fake payment notifications or old payment messages.

2. Digital QR Code Scanner

As a shop owner, you don’t need to worry about showing the QR code from your phone to every customer. The QR code linked to your bank account is delivered to you as an insert. You can insert it in the Boombox & customers can directly scan the QR code to make the payment. With Mswipe’s UPI Payment Soundbox the journey for confirmation of QR payments is effortless & time-saving.

3. Simpler to Handle Payments During Peak Hours

While you are attending to multiple customers at a time, you can find it nerve-wracking to handle digital payments. Traditional cash payments are easier to handle as they are physically tangible. However, digital payments from multiple customers at the same time can be a little overwhelming, right? Mswipe's Boombox which works like a payment soundbox gives audio payment alerts on QR payments. As soon as the customer makes the payment on Boombox you instantly receive a confirmation via sound notification & also you can view it on display. Simpler in the rush hours, phew…

4.Maintain a Good Rapport with Customers

While attending to a customer and waiting for the payment, you, as a shop owner, might find it embarrassing to ask him/her for the payment message. To ensure you and the customer do not face such embarrassing situations, Mswipe’s UPI Payment Soundbox offers an audio payment notification system, allowing you to maintain a good rapport with your customers.

5. Receive Payment via Any UPI App

Your customers can use any UPI app for payments including GPay, PayTM, AmazonPay, BharatPay, PhonePe, BHIM, or WhatsApp Pay. To ensure that you don’t restrict your customers to paying from a particular UPI app, the Mswipe Payment Soundbox QR Code comes with multiple portal compatibilities. Hence, you can accept payment from different payment portals seamlessly.

Mswipe’s UPI payment Soundbox is a must-have payment solution for shop owners today. It’s the most sought-after audio payment notification box that protects you from customer fraud and fake payment assurance. Buy your payment soundbox today to enjoy simplified payments.